Well... If you're here that means you're really confused. Or curious. Well, if you're curious, you can go, there's nothing interesting here, just plain text and maybe that logo up there. As for the others, here is everything you could possibly find on site - if you find something else, that means someone hacked into my account and uploaded things.

Well, site is mostly filled with comic named "mcDuffies". You can browse it using this callendar.

If you're confused or want a few advices before you start reading, newbies paradise is a page for you.

Storylines guide gives short descriptions of every storyline.

There are two more of my comics hosted here:
"Dream", short story:
Page1 Page2
Page3 Page4
Page9 Page10
Page11 Page12
Page13 Page14
Page15 Page16
"Some guy", collection of speachless gags.
Page1 Page2
Page3 Page4
Page5 Page6
Page7 Page8

Informations about "mcDuffies" can be found on Cast page, on Map page where map of the city and dorm are. Also, lagrer versions of maps: map1, map2
For Wallpapers, icons, fonts and avatars go here. For linking banners go here. There are some templates for easy making comics here.
From News archive from beginning of "mcDuffies", you can learn about history of this comic. If you're patient enough to read through all that:
November 6. 2001 - December 31. 2001.
January 1. 2002. - June 30. 2002.
July 1. 2002 - December 31. 2002.
January 1. 2003. - June 30. 2003.
July 1. 2003. - ...

Site map is right where you are so there's no point to click on this link.

To learn something about me, go here. To see which my favorit places on net are, go to Links page.

There are following galleries:
The one with various images I made.
The one with gift art "mcduffies", the comic received.
The one with gift art "Little white knight" received.
The one with gift art mcduffies, the artist received.
The one with group pictures in which I appear.
The one with selected comics made during forum communication.
The one with all my avatars so far.
The one with selected art I made for other comics, events and occations.
Two funny storie pages I made out of emoticons are accesible through gallery too:

I made a set of drawing and writing tutorials people say they're good. There are:
Body drawing tutorial
Face drawing tutorial
Page composing tutorial
Story writing tutorial
Joke writing tutorial
Characterisation tutorial

Main page sends you to forum. Vote for mcDuffies on any of top lists here.

There's a newsbox that is visible from main page, so I won't link it from here. There are also error pages but I don't think you need to know that.

mcDuffies is hosted on comicgenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. All material is property of Srdjan Achimovich, I heard he usualy incourages you to copy it for your personal use