HISTORY - first chapter op "mcDuffies" saga. Mostly introduction op problems mcDuffies will be dealing with later. Start.

At mcDuffies - Introducing staff of fast-food restaurant "mcDuffies": Gordon, Rebeca, Tommy and their Boss. Start Genre: humor.

Rat Wars I - Although the name of the story seems to be a parody of "Star Wars", story surely isn't. It breaks the illusion of real-life comic at the very beginning. Start Genre: adventure/horror.

Sunday - Introduces some episode characters and a few good jokes. But you may skip it as well. Start Genre: humor.

Caught in Act - When you attempt to do something wrong, beware of being caught. Start Genre: humor.

Split Functionality - A man attracted by two opposal things, his dilemmas, his feelings... Not a very good story if you ask me, but you'd be a better judge. Start Genre: drama/weird.

Jessie and Smiley - New "mcDuffies" employees: A misterious yet so friendly girl and a guy who cannot keep not smiling. Start Genre: humor.

Ricochet! - Something closest to workspace story you'll see here. And beware of soap: it has many shapes and many ways of hurting you! Start Genre: humor.

STORY - Second chapter. It came without planing: I simply had to mark a point when story accelerates. Start

Relations - Story about Gordon and Jessie and what they have in common. Start. Genre: humor/nothing.

College Case - Sherlock Holmesque experience of Tommy and Jessie. Start Genre: Detective.

Lowsy Hollywood Horror Cliche - Horror story with dissapointing ending because killer is not the one you least expect. Start Genre: Horror.

Goodbuy Dolly - Story about a person who succeed in making Smiley mad. Start Genre: drama.

New Pet - Teo, Jessies new pet, load of new characters, a few local wierdo's and a few leafy sea dragons. I reccomend, it's very funny. Start Genre: humor.

McFillet - Tommy and Smiley in an epic story of battle between man and nature. Includes sea monster. Start Genre: adventure.

Getting Lucky - Tommy gets lucky, then he gets unlucky. Others get drunk... Start Genre: drama.

Rat Wars II - Rats Strike Back - Rats come back with their evil leader. Gradually better that the first one but those who don't like involving stories might disagree. Start Genre: adventure.

Interlude - When my computer broke I had to slack up a week of comics to buy me some time. In retrospection, it's very funny. Start Genre: humor.

Love Slave - Bad, manipulative girl! We guys like them, don't we? Start Genre: drama.

Dog People - A whole town goes on cats-killing rampage. No cat was harmed during making this story. Only chicken and bags. Start Genre: humor.

Gordon's Hooked on Crfh!!! - A tribute to the best online comic out there. But also some serious things are said here. Start Genre: tribute/drama.

Music - Really uninportant story about what music some of mcDuffies listen. Start Genre: humor.

Mcduffie Babies - Spin of that series usually make when they are all washed up and want to squeeze what popularity they have seft... scrap that. Start Genre: humor.

Rat-Alarm - Boss gets a title device that he thinks will help a lot. Rebeca is finally official outcast of mcDuffies.Start Genre: drama.

Killer Sheet - Really silly story. But someone likes it too. Start Genre: humor.

Amazing Adventures of Sam and Christian - Wow! Read this! It's really a good story that follows two generic adventure heroes! Start Genre: adventure/parody.

Stupid Psychic School - Jessie discovered her true psychic self. Start Genre: I don't know.

Gym - Silly story about hazards of working out. Start Genre: humor.

Smiley's mr. Hide - Hideous monster is roaming the city. What mcDuffies got to do with that? Start Genre: Adventure/SF.

Calvin & Hobbes in Student's Restaurant - Not really a tribute. Start Genre: humor/drama.

Rat Wars III - Rats Reloaded - More epic than ever. Rat Wars are still gradually getting better.Start Genre: adventure/horror.

Handbag of Doom - Gordon tries to act like Ray and gets hit by a purse. This guy has no luck. Start Genre: humor.

Worlds of Delusion - You can't hurt these people. They're always right, you're always wrong, even if it's obvious that's not true. Noone can hurt them in their delusional worlds. Start Genre: drama.

A spot in the record - Jessie drops out of phychic school. But it's not her fault! She's a good kid, she just got into bad company! Start Genre: action.

New year's special winter walking festival - This time Gordon and Ray are team. In what? In aimlessly walking through the park and pondering many life issues like: girls.Start Genre: humor.

Birthday trilogy: teasing - first part of trilogy that happens in only one night and morning after. It's Gordon's birthday and Sylvia is sexy Start Genre: humor/romance.

Birthday trilogy: screen face - Unexpectedly and mistakenly captured by Bernstein; Full of drama, twists, emotions, violence and electricity Start Genre: action/drama/romance.

Birthday trilogy: friendly help - resolving aftermaths of previous night Tommy and Teresa realise that there are some issues between them that they have to, um, hide. Start Genre: adventure/drama/romance.

FABLE - Third chapter because I realised that second chapter has been very long, and story has to became more intensive. Start

Slight - Slight gets a friend, a job, and a hope that he will resolve his many problems. Start Genre: humor.

How to kidnap a prostitute - McDuffies crew are stealing a sentient computer game. This game is the "prostitute" from the caption. Start Genre: adventure.

Incident - a short episode about downsides of girlfriends. Start Genre: humor.

Free journalism - Viocey Jones tries to do something right for a change but world isn't very fair to her. Start Genre: crime.

100% silk - Introduction of Mr. Wolf's daughter. Also, introduction of his crazy brother. I mean, he wears a clock for a hat. Start Genre: humor.

Jump, jump: Lost tape - first part of another trilogy: Mr. Wolf anknowledges "mcDuffies" as his enemies. This is intro in one of the most tense nights in "mcDuffies" life. Start Genre: crime.

Jump, jump: Bo - She is resident adrenaline junky. Start Genre: humor.

Jump, jump: Midnight excursion - Mr. Wolf decides to strike first. We could call it "Assault on restauran 13". Start Genre: adventure/action.

Other "mcDuffies" - Said other restaurant is very alike this one. Why didn't we know it existed? Um, I don't know. Start Genre: humor.

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