McDuffies drawing tutorialss

Yep. McDuffies drawing and writing tutorials. For now, I put up just one, I’ll add others as soon as they’re finished.

These tutorials don’t intend to be complete or objective. There are a lot of good tutorialss all over the net, and they’re easy to find. I’ll try to concentrate of things that I didn’t find in any of those. I’ll talk about things that took me time to figure out and learn, so I suppose they might be a problem to others too. Also, they’re my view on making comics and how I do it. They’re mostly oriented to semi-realistic drawing, but keeping most of anatomy accurate. They’re also not marvel-style, my concern is not drawing bust body-builders, but rather people we meet on streets every day. That includes that they may not always be so pretty. Also, emphasize is on black/white drawing, shaded with hatching/crosshatching.
All things written here are from my experience and I don’t always apply them in making mcDuffies. Dream is much more example of described techniques.

And now I probably have to say a good advice that will apply to all elements of making comics and help you just knowing it. Luckily, I may just happen to have one.
Beethoven said:
“It’s not hard to compose; it’s hard to throw excessive notes under the table.”

Oh, there’s also this one:
“Have fun.”

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