Various group pictures of comicgenesisrs in which I appear.

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gbob gcortland1 gcortland2 gekshin1 gekshin2
Art by Mr.Bob
of Star Bored:
War kills erybody
By Cortland Second part of
the same,
by Cortland
By Mr. Ekshin
of The Rules
By Mr. Ekshin
of The Rules,
part 2
gfaub gferguson gkids gkris gmixedmyth1
By John of
Fallen Angels
Used Books
By Ferguson of
Out of the Loops
By various,
comicgenesis kids
By Kris of
Insanity for
the poor
By Robin of
Mixed Myth
gmixedmyth2 gmixedmyth3 gpaintism gyarps gkeenatics
By Mixed Myth,
Same image
By Mixed Myth,
now with
"Who's who"
By Stinkywigfiddle.
This society worships,
among others,
mcDuffies god.
By YarpsDat
Keenatics, by
gorgy gorgy gorgy
By me, actually
who is who?
Continuement of
the previous
who is who?
Third part
who is who?
By Faub By Mooman.

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