Often called just G. ECCS student, works in mcDuffies and lives in his parent’s house. He was hit by a thunder once. You’ll hate him for his lack of confidence. If not for that, you’ll hate him for his eccentric behavior. If not for that, you’ll hate him for his talent to get into troubles just for pure adventurism. If you get over all that, you’ll find that he’s ok guy, nice company and good friend.
Not single (thank god).

Lives with his father. Student of ECCS. Works in mcDuffies.
Imagined as perfect character. Probably the only thing that’s stopping him from being superior than anyone is his attraction towards eccentrically imperfect people like Gordon and Jessie. In my book that’s not a flaw. Thus, he remains perfect, which, ironically, is the reason of all his problems.

ECCS student. McDuffies employee.
Your favorit confuzed, mind-reading, tongue-faster-than-brain, partially grey-haired, pretty girl, Gordon's cousin, all in all, she'll read your mind easy but she could never guess your mind.
She quit psychic school now and they're after her, btw.
Art student. McDuffies employee. Draws comics. Is not an alterego of me.
He always smiles, that's how you'll reckognize him. It's hard to make his face not smiling. Certain girl named Dolly suceeded it (it's always a girl huh?). Well, he's not the brightest bright thing is a box of bright things.

Short, short-tempered mcDuffies employee and drama student.
She hates people, especially customers and Gordon. The only ones she doesn’t seem to hate are Tommy, her sister Alice, Elliot and possibly Smiley. Oh, yeah, she loves Tommy, more or less secretly.

McDuffies delivery guy. Elliot’s and Smiley’s roommate. We don’t know where he came from, what happened to him, heck we don’t even know his major or his second name, but that’s because we weren’t to curious about it. He talks to things (more than to humans) and is overall weird. He’d be normal in some other comic, but not here.
Luckily, his condition is better ever since he's surrpunded by people. But he still stabbed some customers with fork recently.

This fruitcake gun-lover ret-hater with short attention span may not be a bad guy but we honestly reccoment avoiding him. He’s boss in mcDuffies restaurant and his real name is probably not boss.

Accountant of mcduffies restaurant.
Really commited to her job. She has around 40 plausible scenarios of destroying mcDuffies worked out. Just to be prepared to any situation.

Jessie's roommate. Her father is an archeologist adventurer, which is a rare trade nowadays.
Very liberal, you'll guess what I mean. I'll give you a hint: The only date she had with Tommy finished in bed. Unfortunately, since then, she has Tommy's heart trapped, but she's not ready for a steady relationship. Will this story have happy ending? Will Tommy get lucky or smart? Will this be new "Romeo&Juliette" only without Julliette? See next on mcDuffies.

Jessie's other roommate. One of those, as tales tell, manipulative rigls. Poor Gordon, she has him set for a role of love-slave. (Did I say "poor him"?)
Now dating Gordon.

Smiley's roommate. Deaf, but well lips-reader. He was an angst-filled person not long ago but seems like being around people who don't either hate or pitty him seems to does miracles to his characters.
Now dating Bo. Oh, wait, is he yet, or am I putting in spoilers? Sorry.

Jessie’s pet snake. He’s… well, long… and he’s not poisonous… and he ate one of her Barbies.

Ray & Blocky
Two college students, Jessie’s dorm neighbors. Blocky is tall, silent body-builder, not very smart. Ray is short, thin and loudmouth, so he’s a total opposite to Blocky except for the lack of smarts. They’re best friends, always cruising around the town, looking for fun. They appear out of nowhere, unexpectedly, and disappear as quick as they appeared, accomplishing mostly nothing.

If you knock on the door of his room, he’ll drag you in, make you a coffee and, while sipping coffee, tell you everything about everyone you know or could possibly know. He’ll also expect you to do the same, except for he will be taking notes. How does he know everything he knows? Big set of binoculars, personal web-search engine specialized for gossips and big list of informers might be the answer.

Local guy in his search for girls. Perpetuum mobile for organizing parties.

Dr. Salamon
Maybe he’s the best alternative medicine doctor in town, maybe he’s just a froad. Maybe a little of both.

Benny the cop
Outcast of his kind: He prefers hamburgers over doughnuts. And he’s a cop. See my point?

Voicey (and Adam)
One awfull, pushy, selfish person, who’d do anything for career. And it’s not easy in a small town like this. A small tv station can’t afford too many reporters. Someone has to cook coffee, report weather and such things. It’s a hard life… Anyway, that unimportant person behind her is her generic cameraman, Adam.

Jeff Cookman
He’s famous city reporter. Generally we don’t forgive him what we forgive to voicey because he’s not a pretty lady.

Wacky guy from the pet shop
He showed his face in this comic twice, each time causing mild confusion. Due to his specific facial structure, you can never know if he’s serious or joking, which, having in mind what he’s saying, makes impossible to determine if he’s very cynical or just very stupid.

It’s a stick that saved life to Gordon twice. Gordon thinks it’s his lucky charm, while Slight thinks it’s alive. It has a couple of carves and nails on it.

Gordon’s father
Another character who hates everyone. Thus, everybody hates him. Now, when his sons start to hate him, that should be taken as a subtle hint that something’s wrong.

Gordon’s mother
Whenever Gordon goes out of the house, she hands him: a) sandwich in case he misses lunch or dinner b) dry underwear in case of rain c) gromobran???, just in case.

Tommy’s father
He once was a major hunk in the town. Now he’s major middleage hunk in the town. Plus, he’s divorced and his ex-wife lives far away. So he probably has everything he wishes out of his life. Well, perhaps if his son was more of a lady’s man…

Teresa’s father
Strange Indiana Jones styled man who appeared once and brought a strange box containing terrible curse for Teresa to keep it safe. Obviously lunatic.

Gordon’s older brother. Lives in a big town. Doesn’t speak with his parents. Another sad story of broken family.

Rebeca’s teenager sister. Nice person but this comic is not actually about her generation.

Aunt Mercy
Jessie’s aunt. Just an old lady that you don’t have to remember ‘cause she probably won’t have important part in this story.

If you ever attended college, you must know him. He’s that university assistant that’s been bothering you all the time, giving tough tests and sharing sarcastic comments about how much you studied. He can read your thoughts, which allows him to ask you what you know the least! No, seriously!

Mr. Wolf
Now, mcDuffies shouldn't have mess with him cause he’s very powerfull and rich, and not very honest. In fact, he made most of his money the crooked way..

Jason Wolf
Future ancestor of Wolf empire. Ah, he’ll probably spend it all on parties, girls and drink. But yeah, he thinks. Sometimes, when there’s noone around.

Professor Jerome Mazzilius
Evil genius who came to you right out of bad SF-adventure comics. Which this comic is not. No, sir! He patented mind-controled clones technology. He might not ever take over the world, but he’ll probably be happy if he’s allowed to talk a lot.
He works for Mr. Wolf now.

Blocky’s ex girlfriend.
She… well, she’s… there are some rumors… ah, you’ll see it yourself.

Art student, movies fan. We don’t really know him more than that.

Danny’s roommate. Generic hacker with no life other than in front of computer. If I ever wanted to become popular, I’ll make him talk about video games.

Real name Kurtz or something. Neo-nazi. Ray & Blocky’s roommate. If he had to pick one character of this comic to be his lower-class servant, it’d probably be Jessie.

Howard G. Hoghwarth
Profesional elephant hunter. He hasn’t got much work here.

Well, mayor of the city. Not that he’s very important character. If you don’t know who the hell I’m talking about, see the “Dog’s people” storyline.

Psychik school principal
Woman of strong will and organizating abilities. Psychik, of course.

Jessie’s ex roommate, currently in madhouse somewhere, because she killed Jessie’s dog and tried to kill Jessie too. Not Jessie’s fault.

Overly confident guy Jessie used to study for, so we'll use him mostly for entertaining violence, ok?

Works for the college computer lab, but he is actually a spy of the psychic school. Watch out, very dangerous.

Rocky and Blay
Two strangely familiar guys who work for Bernstein.

Bernstein A guy mentioned in previous paragraph. Archeologist adventurer too, but this one is a crook to they have to fight

Michael Morton, mercenary
A rather useless mercenary. If you ever drop that low, pay him to get you into troubles, and he'll do the oposite,

Captain Quick
Some guy who acts like captain Ahab for some reason - even though there's no ocean miles around.

Slight's friend. Eh? You must be surprised he has one.

Julia's sister. Adrenaline Junky.

Now this is gonna be hard to explain...
Valeria is a sentiend sex-video-game. McDuffies crew stole her from her legal owners because... well, because sentiend beens shouldn't have an owner.
Physically, she resides in a workstation in "mcDuffies" back room. Technically, she is all over the internet.

Professor Schmidt
Professor in Gordon's and Tommy's college.

Police captain
He's got his eye on McDuffies.

Mr. Wolf's daughter, Jason's sister. Rather antypatic person, if you discard her good looks.

Uncle Wolf
Mr. Wolf's brother. An idiot.

Guy from other "mcDuffies"
Worker in "mcDuffies" restaurant in other part of the city. He and his trusty vacuum cleaner are always ready to face the horder of evil mutated ants.

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