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Well, I'm Srdjan Achimovich, 23 years old electrotechnics student from Serbia.

If you want to mail me, use this mail: achim(at)

I draw this comic named "mcDuffies". Besides that, I write about comics in "StripVesti", online magazine on serbian. I had my short comics published a few times, and a magazine from Montenegro used to publish my articles too.

As said, my main concern now is electrotechnics and I'm very good friend with math. I currently live in Belgrade although my origins are in Zvornik (Bosnia) and Valjevo. I tried to direct a movie once. I didn't get to the end cause later that year we were bombed and for some time after that everything was in chaos. I go to traditional new-years costume-party every year.

So there I was, having usual conversations with my roommate when this fisherman appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps I shouldn't have been wearing aquarium suite. I don't know how I got myself into the space shutle but there were a lot of weird people inside and Kopola's "Dracula" was on. Honestly, I could never watch that movie all to the end. But yeah, we had a nice meal: vienna steak with potato on grease.

Anyway, It took a lot of preparation to get there. And we used a lot of make-up. I spent about half-a-year to grow all the weed going up my neck. But I think in the end we were cool.

And then... Well, you explain it to me: There were bad guys all around and my roommate tried to kill me of all people. He said he might never get a chance again. If those nice people from cafeteria didn't help me, he would've kill me. No, actually, that's a lie. I threatened him to reveal all his secrets is a new online-comic project if he kill me. So I switched national glory for not being killed.

Then there was this group called "Night Shift" with their prophetic songs. They played "Digging in the dirt" and there was really a lot of dirt that evening. They played "Here comes the rain again" and it was really raining later. I actually slept over a part of the show. Someone called me on a cell phone and woke me up. Then some magic ritual went wrong, so instead of satan, they invoked Santa. Now you tell me, what are we gonna do with a boring Santa asking for a "Grand coffee", whatever that be?
I think the book of magic rituals was wrong. They tried to take it away from me, I tell you, it's what's called working under pression.

I wasn't sleepy, I swear. They say they have evidences that I was sleepy. But it's a lie. Tell me, what kind of person pulls your legs just because on every picture you appear with a paper cup, sipping on a wine?

So, at the end, bad guy got out. But later he was poisoned by his ex wife.
My favourite writers are Italo Calvino and Julio Cortasar,
Radiohead and Nick Cave might be my favorit musicians, but check to the links bage again for that.
My fav painter is Paul Klee, I'll eventually go to see his fondation in Bern, but I doubt I'll get to New York to see his "Twitering machine".
Corto Maltese is the best comic of all times,

"Stalker" from Andrei Tarkovsky is the best film in film history,
CRFH!!! Might be the best online comic,
And that's probably all I can say about me.

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