Hehe. Lots of new stuff. First, I made some wallpapers:
Jessie wallpaper: jessie800x600.jpg">800x600 and jessie1024x768.jpg">1024x768
Fishing wallpaper: fishing800x600.jpg">800x600 and fishing1024x768.jpg">1024x768
Boys are out: boysareout800x600.jpg">800x600 and boysareout1024x768.jpg">1024x768
Junk wallpaper: junk800x600.jpg">800x600 and junk1024x768.jpg">1024x768
Reccomended: click right button and choose "save image".

And the newest one - origami wallpaper:
Origami800x600 and Origami1024x760

Yeah... These are my first, considering that I guess they're all right. I specially love the first one.

Next: Set of mcDuffies icons with most of the cast and some fast food items:
Click here to download (30kB)

A font with mcDuffies characters:
Click here to download (81kB)
a font with comic curses:
Click here to download (57KB)

This is a part of comicgenesis card set created by Rodrigo Pin. Disaster card:

disaster_800x600.jpg">800x600 wallpaper and disaster_1024x768.jpg">1024x768 wallpaper. (they're certainly more eye-pleasing than those I made.

At the end, there is a set of 22 avatars I introduced earlier on forum. Feel free to use them. They're made in manners of famous painers of 19th and 20th century.

If you want to try to guess which artists those are, scroll down a little later.
List of painters:
1. Pablo Picasso
2. Roy Lichtenstein
3. Paul Klee
4. Andy Warhol - not a successfull one, though
5. Joan Miro
6. Piet Mondrian - that is, if Mondrian ever decided to paint portraits.
7. Henry Matisse
8. PaulCezzane
9. Vincent Van Gogh
10. Jasper Johns - I just love the impression of newspapers visible through encaustic
11. This is a famous picture by Pierre Roy, "Danger on stairs". It's in bad resolution and moustaches are drawn on it. Thus, it is actually a picture by Marcel Ducahmp.
12. Andre Derain, one of fauvists.
13. Keith Haring
14. Paul Gaugin
15. Amadeo Modigliani
16. Henri de Toulouse Lautrec - one of less successful avatars.
17. Peter Blake
18. Marcel Duchamp again - the only artist that repeats twice.
19. Oskar Kokoschka
20. Claude Monet - I added ballet suit because I suspected style was not similar enough to reckognize.
21. Jackson Pollock - although he didn't paint portraits either.
22. Georges Braque - It's not incident that this image ressebles Picasso's. Though I think the colourite and broken lines point more to Braque.

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