Er... hi. Well, this is my comic named "mcDuffies", site is a bit rough, but i'll fix it as i go.
Eventually, i'll add 'cast' and other related pages. Let the comic speak for itself. Hope you'll like it.

A few days latter added:
* * *
Here, i fixed a few things, now everything works just fine. And, about thanking people, i should mention Jovan Uveric, who is a godfather of this comic. You don't wanna know what was it's name before him.

Hi there. I mada some visible changes here. Storyline dropdown dropped down because of two reasons: first, I don't have enough storylines. Second, it didn't work.
There are new pages: Cast page and author's page (that is, about me).
Friends of mine made a complains about gramatic errors. Well, I'm sorry, english isn't my first language, and even if I wrote on my first language, I'm not so sure it would be flawless. Anyway, these comics have bees revised by Marko Stojanovich, student of english language and also comis author, so thanks to him for help.
Oh, and buttons are more pretty now, huh?
Enjoy (hopefully)

Due to my experiments, comic looks worse. Don't worry, it's just for one storyline. Later, it'll change again. We'll se if it will be better.
Pages Cast and author's page are still there.

Well, I promised to build this place up! And I did it, literally! There are the buildings! Oh, there's a few new pages, ambicious history page, also an archives page with big callendar and all, and an unfinished informations page.
Please, do write me (post office, of course) and say your word.

Happy holidays to all: catholic Christmas, new year, orthodox Christmas, Serbian new year, and all the others incoming holidays!
Informations page is finished, but I warn you - there's nothing interesting there.

I got my page on zmcomics.co.yu where one really great guy presents the authors from ex-Yugoslavia and other various comic-stuff. Click here to see.


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