For the past week, the site hasn't been updated, but you probably noticed that on all other comicgenesis sites, so i won't apologuise much.
I still recommend you to go here to see what I do besides mcDuffies.

As you can see, I'm on the Keen@work dropdown now. I hope my future comics (cause I have a lots of plans) won't be oposit to a conception of this list, cause, you see, college is starting soon.
It's not following the calendar, but what the heck...

Like this new monochromatic art? I thought I give it a try.

I added a new pages containing some nameless side-comics, see, they've got their own house. Go and see them here, they are good.

more nameless side-comic strips! A lot more! Go here

additonal note (made 1o.24.2oo2)
A little later, newsbox proved to be defunctional. I don't think it works even now, although you can see it here and there on comicgenesis.

Check out the newsbow. It might slow down the page, but... advertising is advertising.
But more important: New cast page! New page about me! Map of the city! It's where informations page used to be. In a few days map button will be uploaded, too. Go see, you won't regret it! (click on houses above, so I don't have to set new links)

o3.o1.2oo2. ;-)
Well, I'm happy. Number of visits just doubled in February. All in all, there are some great statistics over there. Thank you all and keep comming, I'll repay making comic better every day :-)

If you saw previous page, you know the first chapter is over, and everything's in a right place. What's gonna happen in "STORY" chapter? Well, first a little mistery, then a little horror parody, then a little student's life, then... adventure, I guess... so come often and make my visit huge! Deal?

Time change! My comic now updates at more appropriate time.

APRIL FOOL! Guest comic by Dorm 106. My guest comic is on Monkey law

Yeah, hm... Yesterday was April fool, so there was a guest comic, and not to make me a great job of renaming about thirty images, today we got two comics...

o4.1o.2oo2. or maybe o5, it is late evening, so...
Now you can vote for me on few top-lists (the usual, funny papers, comicgenesis 99, you know...). So, what you have to do is go below the comic and click on it, it's easy, see? *Ahem*, puting those was a little rush job, since I don't have time lately. Eventually, I'll beaute it a little.
And remember, it you don't vote for me, I will be expelled from the list and the buttons down there will be removed and this page will be easyer to load and... and I'm not such good in persuading, huh?
Later that day:
Oh, and planet cartoonists.

o4.17.2oo2, late at night.
Curently, I'm resting from McDuffies. What that means? Means that episodes till late May are buffered, and I haven't done new strip in about two weeks. And It's eating me alive! So I started preparing a SURPRISE! It will be a one-shot story and as soon as i finish first few pages, I'll post them.
Ah, It's damn tease. I probably won't post nothing till afther April 26 (exam). Oh, I forgot - shame on me cause it's allready an old news - I drew a fan-art for Spork, and got rewieved by MAC studios. Oh, and seems like I started to write longer news...

Huh. I'm back from marathon in Novi Sad where i walked 40 kilometers. All my muscles hurt. Auch. I've got first part (6 pages) of "Dream" story up, find it here or just click on comic shop where you can fing mcDuffies banners too.

Linked by Tesseract.

2nd part of the "Dream". Here or in the comic-shop above.

Wooo! I'm spinnin' on my blue ergonomic chair! Not that I have reasons for spinning: My exams are starting soon and there are some problems with automatic updating... And if you ask when I will finish "Dream", well, it won't be soon. although there's no more than four pages left, I just have no time right now. End of transmission.

First of all, everything's allright now with updating. Seems like it was my fault so don't blame comicgenesis. It's the good lide of this amateur work: i can make much more mistakes. It's not that I don't feel obligated to you readers who visit my site and make me happy, but consequences are much smaller
But now another good news: my links page is set up and working! My favourit comics, my favourit sites and links to my favourit groups are all there. I plan on reorganizing those buildings up there and making site map more compact, so instead of new building I just slacked of that trashcan, so the only reason it is there instead of new building, is it's not permanently.


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