I suppose RPin's effort in making wallpapers moved me toward finally filling "Wallpapers and Icons" section. We got four new wallpapers: one featuring Jessie, one with mcDuffies male cast, one with idillic scene from Smiley and Tommy's fishing trip, and a junky one.
There's a set of mcDuffies cast icons for desktop, including fast food icons! And finally, two fonts: One with mcDuffies cast, the other one I made for curses and swears, and plan to use it further in comic.
Rodrogo of "Alex and Illa" made a crafty set of comicgenesis cards and following wallpapers. McDuffies card and wallpapers can be found here. It's actually a first mcDuffies wallpaper and I'm sorry to say that it's not thanks to me that it is so nice.
This is mcDuffies characters drawn in styles of famous modern painters! You're free to use them, or just to look at them and admire my ability to mimic their styles (no, really, I think most of them are really well done.

There's an issue of interest on mcDuffies forum here. I'd appreciate every comment and it's of interest to you readers so check it out.
Happy new years to everybody!
Whew, I didn't write rants for a long time. Reason? My computer was broken for a long time. Still, somehow I managed to put new comics in time, yay me! "Comic Writer X" wasn't so lucky to be spared of the consequences.
Now, what happened in the meantime?
On December 31. there was a fan art in new year's fanart exchange by *shuffles through documents* ...damn, seems like I misplaced url of the comic. I'll get back to it when I find it. Still, seems like Jessie is the favourite fan-art subject here. The official site is here.
I now co-maintain a site How Not To Run a Comic, together with Phalanx and Tetrous. It's a site where various artists give examples on how not to make comics. It's hella funny to read, as to participate.
Other news is I listen to David Byrne's solo albums very much.
Will be back soon.
* * *
Today, a guest comic by Laura of NiShiChi! Thanks!!!

I got a fanart from nice guy Simon of Netrek. See it! I think he captured the essence of Jessie and Teo.
* * *
Yap, that's new mcDuffies site, colourfull and greasy. Don't like it? Too bad, cause I'm not gonna change it anytime soon.
Now, index page: Two newsbox, one for short and important news. You'll see it first when you visit the site. The other one, this one, for more detailed news and rants. There's a menu at the top of the bage and above it, is "Today's special". That's the place where I'll plug last good thing I found on internet or any part of this site that I find worth seeing at the moment.
There's an usual poll and I intend to test one of those tagboards but still haven't got one.
As for new things beside expected updates of existing things:
There are five galleries. Besides images I had in it before, I collected everything I drawn for the net, including a lots of guest comics I made for others.
There's a completely useless map of the site. Cast page, Author's page, as well as storyline guide and newbies guide are fundamentally changed. First two certainly have tendention towards defunctional.
There's a completely new map of the dorm in maps section, new set of banners and some new images added to the "Do it yourself" template. Bad news is, there's no wallpapers and icons yet, good news is, there will be.
Buy. Come back tomorrow.
Hey, there's a prewiev of new banners on forum.

Whew! Finally, everything is back to normal. All the missing epizodes are here so get to reading finale of the "rat wars III"!

It's now up to my sister to fix what I messed up, cause she's got access to the files I erased... Go, Juga!

I screwed something up and re-wrote finishing epizodes of "Rat wars III" with next epizode. As soon as I noticed I erased them so that you can't read a whole epizode in advance. I hope you didn't. I mean, I tried to pull this epizode through the summer without hickups because of it's ambiciousness and all... And finally look what happened near the ending. Next time if something like this happens please don't read those epizodes.
The reason why I didn't put old epizodes back is because I have backups only on computer in my parent's house, where they were originaly made. I'll have them back in a day.

Also accidentally erased post. Here's that link again: link.


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