January 1. 2oo3.
It's new years here in Yu (central european time, I think). It's 6 o'clock in the morning, I just came back from party. Usually when party sucks, I find a lot of inspiration for mcDuffies. Tonight, I haven't even thought of it. That means, I had a great time. Best wishes and all :-))

January 2. 2oo3.
If you remember, long ago in last year, I started a one-shot story called "Dream", finished first 11 pages, and then promissed that I will eventually finish it. Just now I found enough free time and energy to finish it. It now has 17 pages and can be found here.
Back then, first page of this comic were number one on my exit-pages list, which meant most of visitors were leaving the site after seeing first page of it :-( Also, pages took a lot of time to load. Now, I recompressed all images, so they will load faster.
I don't know what to expect from this ccomic. It was a kind of experiment, it's script could seem odd to you, and I'm not really sure of whether the drawing is better or worse that usuall "mcDuffies" drawing. You could drop a line on forum to halp me resolve this ;-)

January 9. 2003.
In case you were unfamiliar with what Gordon is hooked on, it's College Roomies From Hell!!! by Maritza Campos, only my favourite comic. If you like mcDuffies, you might just find something in CRFH!!! too. Although there are oposite examples... Anyway, after a slight downfall last year, it's getting more interesting lately, so this is a good oportunity to join that crazyness.

January 11. 2003.
Today's comic by R. Kwan and her beautifull comic Tesseract.

January 15. 2oo3.
Since January 13. I've been using slightly changed technique for drawing mcDuffies. But, it takes more time, and as far as I can tell, there was no visible improvement, so I'm going back to the old soon.
One of these days, I'm moving to dorm. My roomie won't be from hell, but I won't have computer handy for a few months. Still, it's easy to find computer to use so this change won't alter mcDuffies schredulle a bit. Still, if there happens to be some skipping in schredule, you know the circumstances...
Oh, hey, I was linked by Slightly schizophrenic. Every one counts :-))) On related note, my comic was done by E-pen graphic tablet, completely on computer.
Now i feel guilty, because I forgot to mention in time that mcDuffies can also be found on link-pages of such comics as: Wreckage picture journal and Gameshow.

January 27. 2oo3.
Whatever happened with comicgenesis server last week, it's not over yet. McDuffies site seems untouched, which doesn't seem to ba a case with some of my favourit reads ;'-( I don't know the reason why today, on 27. system shows comic for 21. but all comics are already backlogged and when regular comic appears, all comics for days when comicgenesis was down will show too.

February 18. 2oo3.
Just some autoupdating problem. Mind the following words:

February 25. 2oo3.
News on mcDuffies: Nothing new. News update so that you wouldn't forget that someone is drawing all this. I have an exam in three days - which means I'm very bysy.
Episodes finished: Ending with 1. March. "Christian and Sam" storyline not finished. Next storyline not even started. I have a few sketches, I started writing a few times, but it lacked humor (and everything else). Ah, well, still have a week or so...

March 4. 2oo3.
Newer news:
Aaaaaaaah! No backlogs! I have to draw something in hurry!
But I promise a few very good episodes.

March 5. 2oo3.
As you can see, I've got a poll now. One easy question for a start.

March 7. 2oo3.
I've got another tracker. First one I got when statistics on comicgenesis system were messed up. I want to try another one. No, I'm not an egoistical freak. Well, maybe a little.

3. 12. 2oo2.
Well, this might not concearn you if you don't live in Yugoslavia (aka Union of Serbia and Montenegro) but today, our primeminister Zoran Djindjich was killed by two sniper shots. This is hardly a place for this kind of news, but I feel obligated to mourn him in some way.
He certainly wasn't perfect primeminister, but he was the best we had for a very long time. He had probably the most important role in taking down the old, tyranic goverment in year 2000, and he became a symbol of democracy, or at least struggle for democracy.
Lots of people didn't like him, for reason or not, it doeesn't matter now. But I believe that he was the first ruler of this country since WWII, that actually cared for people, not only for himself.
In this land, criminals can do whatever they want, and get away with it. Milosevic and his people destroyed everything that was good in this country, for to never be returned. I hope they're happy with what they've done.
God help us all with what will happen next.

3. 24. 2oo2.
Hi, my faithfull readers. I've been meaning to write a long rant about the episode "Adventures of Sam and Christian", about apsurd preinformativeness of common adventure comics, about circle of cliches with no way out and all... But I have no time, nor power. I will do that sometime, probably when I decide to update and redisign site (that is, when I gather enough time and energy, which will have to be about few months from now).
New thing is a site with a project of some friends and me, which can be found here. It's not all in place (unfinished site and all) but some problems occured recently... anyway, the strip is still good and it's going weekly.
Meanwhile, I'm preparing some niceness of storylines and I know you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing them. So, stay tuned, nice dreams and don't believe everything TV says. o4.11.2oo3.
Here's a happy news for "mcDuffies":
We've been linked from the Lounge. McDuffies link is now proudly standing on a front page of one of sexy-est sites on net. Thanks, John. o4.o5.2oo3.
Webcomic Awareness Day is on May 5th so any comic author who wants to participate, may mail his comic-related comic to jpalex@icontech.com , to Jim Alexander of "Algernon's Dilemma". If you don't know what that is, here are previous years: http://wca2001.comicgenesis.com and http://wca2002.comicgenesis.com.

I've got something very serious to say:
I'm busy. I have to study, study, study a lot. And, as you might remember, I have only an occational approach to computer. Today, I was trying to "produce" comics for the next few days, and I finally had enough...
Now, the best thing about webcomics is, you re not forced to do anything. Noone will stop paying you if you skip schredule, or go to hiatus, you probably won't get hate-mails from readers either.
That's the oportunity I never used, except last year when I had one hard-drive breakdown so I had to skip a couple of updates which was real emergency situation. On the other hand, not many comics update daily, and most of those who do, are far more popular that mcDuffies (read: get some money from making comics).
Now, I decided to give myself a break, instead of forcing myself to draw new comics in a hurry. So I have comic uploaded for tomorrow, and after that there'll be no mcDuffies until I'm ready to continue. It won't take much, though, probably no more than a week, but this kind of short breaks might be expected in future.
Now, go away. I know you've been reading other comics behind my back ;-)
Thanks for understanding
P. S. Was I too official here?

Ok, this is how things are:
To release some pressure off my back, I have to change the schredule. So, "mcDuffies" will not be going daily any more. It will be: Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday - Sunday from now on.
It was a very difficult decision to make, all those things that made me publish daily are still on, plus I was very proud of being able to keep it daily for more that a year. I consulted my friends for advice, and most of them didn't understand what the problem is. "If you don't have time for it, cut it." I sure was not able to explain why is it so diffucult.
But things are the way they are, so, next strip will appear at sunday, and from then on every Tue-Thu-Sat-Sun, new mcDuffies. Why such unusual schredule? Well, it was my sister's wish to put mcDuffies on days when "Nukees" don't go, so that she'd read one of them each day.
You will soon see that next panels of mcDuffies are drawn with more care, as a result of less pressure, so at least one good news for regular readers.
I don't know if I will ever return to daily schredule. Maybe one day, maybe not. Don't change the channel,
have fun,

Ok, I'm back. What's new? My eyes are sore from looking at computer, learning damn ASP that I need for a small college project. Does that mean that new mcDuffies site (comming later this year) will feature ASP scripts? The answer is: Hell, no!
Now, about Cartoonint's Choice Awards... Nomination round starts any day now and if you are web-comic author (and you probably are) you can nominate your favorits here. Later, the voting round will be, and then... Well, check it out on site, I didn't read it all explicitely yet.
Me, I personally wouldn't mind if I was nominated for, let's say, outstanding writing, or outstanding black and white art, outstanding composition (my main effort), outstanding character development... I would never beg or offer money... ;-) Just remember to put me in consideration. Since I'm very proud of some storylines I did this year. Like McFillet, or Rat Wars II, Love Slave, or Amazing Adventures of Sam and Christian. Ok, ok, I'll stop now.
Anyway, only your vote can stop some suckass comic from being awarded. Of course, "suckass" is a relative term, and one vote doesn't count much, but... I ruined the joke, didn'I?

Another place where you can vote for me from now on is Buzz-comix top list and you vote here:

Webcomics Awareness day is tomorrow. Here's my participation (I'm not sure if I'll have an approach to computer tomorrow) and here is an official site.

Wow! I got a little piece of art from Maritza Campos right here in the gallery! Do I have to tell you who's Maritza Campos?
"College Roomies From Hell!!!" is the single most responsible comic for the sole existing of "mcDuffies". Do I really have to explain how happy this makes me?

Read One Over Zero. It's a great comic and it's getting near it's end. It deserves support.

Hey! I got this great piece of art by John Joseco of The lounge. It's here in the gallery.
By the way, counting nominations is over at CCAwards. It's time for voting.

You're looking at the very beginning of the RAT WARS III - RATS RELOADED storyline. I reccoment it wholeheartedly as I consider it one of my best writings by now.
But also I must warn that if there happens to be no update somewhere in next few weeks, that is because my computer is on repair.

Spot the KeenLace.

Here's the deal: I stacked comics up to August 10. and now I'm going away, as what I do every summer. I expect to be able to fill in archives in time to skip break. Have a good summer everybody!

I discovered two more comics that linked mcDuffies: charming Smoot and newcommer Squaresville. Thanks.
Besides that, there are three really nice images of mcDuffies characters in their sexy underwear, on site of KeenLace.
Besides that, I had an exam yesterday. I'm waiting for results now.


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