I've been linked by Poorly drawn comics. Plus, I got my firsl fan letter :-) Keep 'em commin'.
Second: let's support CCA although I'm not very thrilled with results of voting. To me, "Chopping block" is just... meaningless.
I'll give a link to OnlineComics.net here, although they have a place on my link page. They deserve it. I'll mention major breakdown on my comp, which didn't spoil mcDuffies schredule, fortunately. Spit on Microsoft for me once ok?

Bye my loyal readers! As soon as tomorrow I'm going at my folks house where I'll be cut from internet. However, McDuffies will continue to update as usual thanks to the large stock I have in warehouse. If anything goes wrong, I wont even know it. But I'll come back till September.

I'm back. I will soon make some new pages as soon as I have some time to spare *whine*.

What's with occasional big comics, you ask. I don't know, but there'll be more. Actually, it's sometimes hard not only to make punchline with three panels, but to make comic usefull in any way. I'd hate to break my story into bits that are not a little bin interesting by themself, while story becomes too stretched that way. Making comics in a bigger format from time to time doesn't bother me, and I suppose you're happy too.
Worse than that, a few comics happened to be to wide, so you had to scroll page right to read them all. I try to avoid that, but a few wide comics sneaked past beside me.
I have to update cast page, map, links page, but I have some other plans too, so it will be a plenty of work. That's why I'm not doing it right now.
Oh, I'll use the opportunity: Happy birthday, "Sluggy freelance"!


That's right. And, while we're at non-comic things, Darko Rundek has a heck of an album (see my links). If you don't get to hear it, just trust my words: it's great!

Latest news: I lost my hard-disc on friday. It took me till yesterday to replace it. I was cut off the internet for four days, and I'm ADDICTED TO IT!!! Besides, all my data is most possibly lost.
How will that affect mcDuffies? It might happen that on 10.08. I interrupt "Rat wars" story with some fillers. That's because I'll try to recover the last ten or twelve pages that I didn't get to upload from my hard-disc. I don't intend to draw them again if I don't have to. So, if I don't recover them till then, nor determine that I can't recover them, I'll delay the story a little bit. Note thet I'm very busy right now even without problems with comp. That's why things go so slow.

GAH! I won't bother you with explaining all the mess that's been on site these days, instead I'll just say a few good news: Rat Wars storyline will resume during this week. Second, I'm intensively doing on new site layout that will surprisingly look like old, but will actually be very different, with lots of new features. Third, some while ago, I got little this:

Although visually not much have changed, it has a lot of new features, and is more functional.
Come in, browse around, enjoy! Visit new FORUM.
"Rat wars II" resume. Thanks for being patient.
Yours truly

Sorry there's no new comics. My computer is broken down again. You're probably sick of my apologies, but I'm too sick of fixing that damn thing, paying for repairs, not being able to do my duties. Also, spending hours in front of computer trying to finish the comic while there's faculty homework waiting. So, no new comics. It will resume as quick as it's able, hopefully for good.

Well, gues what? Stupid me, I forgot that on November 7. it was one year of "mcDuffies" comics. I constantly forget to celebrate the jubilees: I forgot 50th comic, 100th comic, 300th comic, one year, half'a'year, three months, first christmass, first haloween... Augh. I hope I will remember 500th comic.
I guess you might consider this spiffy new site a way of celebrating.

There's a few new places where you can vote for mcDuffies: OnlineComics.net where you wote to make it included into "Good Read" comics, and Top Web comics list, recomended to me by collegues authors.
And I didn't sell out!
* * *
"Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)"
                     after he saw mcDuffies gallery

I got a fan mail lately. It doesn't happen often... Happened a very few times by now actually. *opens champaigne*
The mail was from Omid Tavakoli, author of the comic strip Wacked! He's got a nice flash-series with it and a helluva lot more replays on forum then me.

New rant! Read it!
I noticed that number of my search strings is significantly low, precisely zero. Search strings are record of word strings entered in search engines that resulted visiting mcDuffies site. Most of search strings I got before were about things on my links-page. This month number is zero because I changed the page into a more visual form, without descriptions. The other reason is I don't rant very much and don't talk a lot about bondage porn ;-) and similar stuff. So, that's the consequences of being shy. I don't even get those strings like "bad English grammar" from earlier. Bah.
Another thing, lately I gave address of the site to some friends (I slipped to mention before, silly me). Unfortunately, last few days were filled with that dramatic stuff between Tommy and Rebeca: "I love you!" "We were just not mend to be together!" Uh, are they gonna poll my legs. Which is worst they'll think whole comic is like that, so they won't visit again...
On the comic: things completely stabilised. I have to write the script for episode that comes after the next. I wrote one and then threw it (was not good enough). I'm a little out of shape for that...

Not much to report. Hollydays will be working for mcDuffies, no special christmas story, just plain old events flow. Next week, a masquerade on my college. Still don't know what I'll be (last year I was lobster) but one friend is gonna go as mushroom.

uh. I forgot to write a date...
12. 20. or something.
Happy hollidays to everyone who celebrates them these days. I've got an obligatory holliday card here.
Also, I posted a little piece of art made by my friend Biljana in my gallery, here.
Third, but not less important, Winterspace 2002 is on (with a few entries from mcDuffies). It's a great pin-up drawing event and new entries will be comming all winter. Will White from ARG! is organizing all this.
* * *
Beforementioned costume party went great. I went dressed as aquarium (had fish hung all around my head and sea weed drawn on my face). Biljana went as mushroom. Another friend went as super-hero, based on an untranslatable word pun. We made a lot of pictures wich won't be displayed here because I have no scanner. Sorry.
Anyway, we took a picture with fisherman (me, conveniently), belly-dancers, cow, pope, all kind of vampires and sado-mazochyst girls. Urban legend says that there was a girl with nothing but strategically placed black scotch tape on her body. But only a few people actually saw her. At first, we didn't believe them. We don't know what to think now, either.


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