I am doing a bit of blogging on the side, mostly writing about film. Check it out.


Ok, I am finally updating fanart gallery again. I hope I'll find everything that I got meanwhile except for a few images that I got from Stinkywigfiddle that were a bit over the top for this site (even though hillarious).
But do check out Webcomic finds blog. Ping Teo included a few of my quasi-acient drawings in the logo at the top.
Also, there is Keenswim 2005 with lost of images of comicgenesis characters in skimpy swimsuits.
I'd like to use the oportunity to plug comicgenesis monthly (soon to be renamed) again. If you liked my tutorials, you'll probably like what I write there.

"mcDuffies" has been linked by "Thespiphobia, drawn by loveable Erin "Leko" Firestine.
Also, we've been reviewed by Korsil Webcomic Reviews. Although review isn't really positive, I agree with most of it's points.
Which is a good oportunity to talk a bit about the future of "mcDuffies". I am aware that things are going downhill, and since I have some more important things to sort out now, I can't do much about that now. I am giving my best to update "mcDuffies" without gaps in this situation and I think it's a better solution than going to a hiatus or something like that.
However, soon, I will gather strength to double efforts on "mcDuffies", and that's hopefully, when both art and writing will get better. I am intending to make that moment the end of the book "FABLE" and the fresh start of the new book. This will be in a couple more storylines and after tysome loose threads.

There is one more serbian comicgenesisr that I know of: Legostar Galactica. A comic made with Lego cubes, what's there not to like? He definitely found a good excuse for playing with Lego.
And while we're at my landmates, here is a gallery of drawings (paintings?) of one girl. Reminds me of some of my favourite painters, so me like.

Yeeeey! mcDuffies forum is working again, together with the entire Charming Eclipse! Post there to celebrate!

Somewhere around the end of february
Woo hoo. I finally made some adjustments on the main page and hopefully, now it works properly.
As you see, I got rid of all those newsbodies and stuff. From now on, all news go in this frame, I believe being in the corner, it is not bothering anyone even though it's on top of the page.
Updating news now is easier, so I think I'll post more news now.
You might've noticed that the forum is down. Unfortunately, yes, Charming Eclipse crashed, bringing down my forum, as well as forums of some great webcomics. It's out of my hands and I don't know when it will be back (if ever). Meanwhile, I put a link to "Little White Knight" forum, so if you want, you can find me there.

If you found this page through search engine, you're probably seeing the page that is supposed to be inside the frame. Click here to see the actual site.